Toni Gonzaga on Sam Milby: 'He wanted to court KC'

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Toni Gonzaga on Sam Milby: 'He wanted to court KC'  Empty Toni Gonzaga on Sam Milby: 'He wanted to court KC'

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June 13, 2011, 4:35pm

Sam Milby and KC Concepcion: A case of too much friendship puts a damper on potential success of new film?
MANILA, Philippines – Actor Sam Milby apparently had the hots for KC Concepcion.

Actress Toni Gonzaga revealed so in the June 11 episode of “The Buzz,” saying that she learned of Milby’s affection for Concepcion in 2008, when she and Milby were doing “My Big Love.”

“Nasa Tatsulok kami sa Timog [for dinner], tapos itong si Sam, walang tigil sa cellphone niya,” she related.

“So, tinanong ko siya, 'Bakit panay ngiti mo?' [And I found out] it was KC Concepcion [with whom he was texting].”

Gonzaga said she asked Milby right there and then, why, if he is so enamored with Concepcion, hasn't he even tried to court her. Milby supposedly replied: “I want to.”

Milby, who was guest appearing on the episode to promote his new movie with Concepcion, "Forever and a Day," was clearly embarrassed with Gonzaga’s disclosure.

He blurted, “You’re such…please don’t believe Toni.”

But his protestation was drowned by shrieks from studio audiences.

Gonzaga didn’t stop there. “Sinabi niya din noon ideal girl niya si KC,” she said, eliciting even louder screams from the audience.

Apparently, Gonzaga was only keen to help Milby sell the movie, as the latter was seemingly not too good in playing that part.

When asked by “The Buzz” host Boy Abunda if he fell in love again with Concepcion while making the movie--obviously a leading question-- Milby simply stammered, “KC and I have a great friendship and that’s what it’s been and that’s what it’ll always be.”

Concepcion-- probably to the consternation of the movie’s drum beaters-- was equally as dry, even as she was made to create a bit of imaginary tension between her boyfriend, Piolo Pascual, and Milby during the same "The Buzz" episode.

She denied that she had to ask Pascual’s permission to do the movie with Milby.

“Hindi po, wala naman po need na magpaalam sa kanya, same with him when it comes to work.”

She added, “I think, may respeto naman po si Sam kay PJ in the sense na wala po talagang mangyayari at all, kahit po sabihing between two people na puwede.”

Seemingly to avert further disaster, “The Buzz” asked "Forever and a Day" director Cathy Garcia-Molina to add some spice to the proceedings by asking her to join her two stars onstage.

Alas, it seemed that the director had been having problems with the duo being only too "friendly" with each other.

“Actually naging problem ko talaga na magkaibigan sila," said she. "Even Sam was telling me and KC that he was having problems kasi sobra silang magkaibigan and they could not look at each other as if they could be lovers. It was a problem... yes, nahirapan ako.”


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