KC talks about her mission in Uganda

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KC talks about her mission in Uganda Empty KC talks about her mission in Uganda

Post by anne_cealydar on Mon 24 Jan 2011, 11:26 am

KC talks about her mission in Uganda


Posted at 01/22/2011 3:53 PM | Updated as of 01/22/2011 11:41 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Actress and television host KC Concepcion is back in the country after she had an unforgettable experience in Uganda, Africa.

She went on a mission trip to Uganda as part of her duties as an ambassador against hunger for the United Nations World Food Program (UN-WFP).

The actress related in detail to "Showbiz News Ngayon" how her Uganda trip went and how she found the people there.

“'Yung mga tao, sobrang bait kahit 'yung iba walang damit, alam mo 'yun. 'Yung issue naman is 'yung kagutuman. Masaya sila...Hahawakan nila 'yung kamay mo, mags-smile sila. Napaka-sweet ng mga smile nila. Napaka-unassuming. Kumbaga wala silang expectation,” Concepcion shared.

The Mega daughter also revealed that her recent immersion opened her eyes to the reality happening in other parts of the world.

“'Yung buhay nila doon parang 'yung mayroon tayo sa Mindanao. Mayroon talagang namamatay sa kagutuman doon and that’s the most impressive part. Nakita ko 'yung worst and nakita ko 'yung best,” Concepcion recounted.

For her, the Filipinos are still fortunate despite the country’s economic problems because Filipinos get to enjoy a lot of things which the Ugandans are deprived of.

“Maraming mga bagay na mayroon tayo dito na kailangan talagang maging thankful pa tayo na mayroon tayo,” she said.

Asked about her thoughts regarding this program of the UN, she said: “Ang akin talaga, na-appreciate ko talaga 'yung mga katrabaho ko sa WFP na patuloy na ginagawa 'yung trabaho nila kahit mapanganib 'yung ibang lugar.”

After her one week experience, Concepcion said she is very happy and fulfilled that she got home safely and was able to accomplish her mission as the WFP ambassador.

“Masaya ako na nandito ako sa Pilipinas. Masaya ako sa nakita at nakilala ko sa napakagandang Uganda,” she said.

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