Piolo reveals relationship with KC

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Piolo reveals relationship with KC Empty Piolo reveals relationship with KC

Post by vhelski on Mon 07 Feb 2011, 1:09 am

Piolo reveals relationship with KC
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Piolo reveals relationship with KC KCpioloWeb

Piolo Pascual, the most eligible bachelor in Philippine showbiz, finally admitted the real score between him and KC Concepcion. Last January 30 at The Buzz, the actor made an unexpected revelation.

Piolo is known to be a very private person. He never talks about his personal life whenever interviewed by the press.

“I thought I can find a way out because I have always wanted to separate my professional and personal life. But I guess It came to a point na mas gusto kong magpakatotoo, regardless of what people might say, regardless of people’s judgment or opinion, I guess, the person deserves it. I guess because I don’t just owe it to myself, I owe it to the public and most importantly, I owe it to her,” he said.

According to Piolo, he and KC have been a couple since October 21 of last year. It took him two long years to court KC. “For the first time in so many years, more than eight years, I’m getting into a relationship of commitment and I want to keep it,” he confessed.

He further explained that the reason why he kept it as a secret was because he was trying to protect his son Iñigo. “You know how it is to have a son na hindi mo makasama. Ayaw mong mapariwara ang bata. He’s only 13 years old. But I think I’m decided at this point, kung anuman ang magiging reaksiyon ng anak ko. You just have to deal with it.”

According to Piolo, another reason behind the revelation was to publicly announce to KC’s suitors that she is already taken. “Marami na kasi ang nagpaparinig at nagsasabing may gusto sa kanya. I don’t want to watch another interview na nagsasabing may gusto sa kanya or gusto syang i-date. I just want it out and want them to know that she’s taken!”

Piolo has nothing but praises for KC and is very thankful for her support and complete understanding. He said “More than anything, I’m just really thankful that she’s sticking it out with me. You know, her parents, her family, they are so nice to me, even her relatives.”

His goal now is to protect KC. “I found it too unfair kasi na sya palagi yung nagsasalita. Alam kong nahihirapan na rin sya and bilang lalaki, it’s also a responsibility. She’s not left in the dark. Hindi sya nahihirapang sumagot. I guess we both deserve it. I guess kailangan din naming gawin to para manahimik na rin yung iba.”

Piolo said that he wants to spend the rest of his life with KC. “Siguro naman hindi ako aamin ng ganito or hindi ako magti-take ng risk kung sa tingin ko hindi ko gusto syang makasama habambuhay.”



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