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Piolo, KC in a relationship Empty Piolo, KC in a relationship

Post by vhelski on Mon 07 Feb 2011, 12:36 am

Piolo, KC in a relationship
by Joseph Peter R. Conzalez

In The Buzz last Sunday, Piolo Pascual admitted the real score between him and KC Concepcion.

“Yes, all the speculations about us are true. We’re on! After going out on dates for two years, we officially became a couple on Oct. 21 last year,” he revealed.

Asked why they kept on denying the real status of their relationship amid persistent talks, the actor-singer said, “Honestly, it was because I had to protect other important people in my life, especially my son Iñigo. I was concerned on how he’d react in case he knew. At his tender age, I don’t expect him to fully understand and accept things at face value. I know that I should gradually explain to him everything and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Piolo affectionately calls KC “My Princess.”

“That’s my term of endearment to her. I’m really very happy to have her in my life!”

Many want to know if he thinks KC is already the “one.”

“I won’t be doing this public admission if I don’t think and feel that she’s the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Yes, for me, she is! There will definitely be no problem on my part because even my mom is already urging me to settle down soon.”

According to Piolo, the happiness he feels because of his lady love is inexplicable.

“I’m grateful to KC for sticking it out with me no matter what. She gives me unconditional love. Her family is also supportive of us. I only have good words for them. I love them dearly,” he stated.

The decision to come out in the open was something he and KC were reflecting on this past few days.

“That’s right! In our talks, it would always surface. So we thought of solving the puzzle in everyone’s mind already. Anyway, we owe it to the public, especially our fans. They have the right to know. And as the male, it’s my responsibility to talk first.”

At this point, Piolo is very much relieved.

“It’s a thorn off my chest now. It’s liberating. Now, KC and I won’t feel awkward anymore when we’re in public. It simply feels good!” he ended.


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