Piolo-KC: It should be 50-50–all the way

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Piolo-KC: It should be 50-50–all the way

Post by vhelski on Sat 05 Feb 2011, 1:44 pm

Piolo-KC: It should be 50-50–all the way
By Nestor Torre
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:51:00 02/04/2011

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CAN SOMEBODY please enlighten us? Last January 30 on “The Buzz,” Piolo Pascual finally admitted that he and KC Concepcion were “on”—and everybody went wildly happy—for KC.

Have we been living in a cave for 100 years, or something? What mystery about the human condition have we failed to fathom? Why the focus on KC as “the lucky one” in this “official” declaration of Love Everlasting?

In the admittedly less glitzy and star-struck universe that we personally inhabit, the lucky one isn’t KC, but Piolo. He’s the guy, right? He’s thrilled that KC has agreed to be his sweetheart—right?

Bigger star

Uh, not so fast. People more “in the know” assert that it’s KC who’s gotten the better part of the “deal,” because Piolo is the bigger star, and everybody and her auntie, lola and gay tito has been fantasizing about being the one “chosen” by “Papa” Piolo.

Uh, OK, we get that—but, we still don’t agree. Sure, Piolo has his dreamy, hunky looks, talent and popularity going for him—but, being a single father, he comes with some “baggage.”

For her part, KC is young, a certified show biz princess, schooled abroad, Ambassador for this and that—and the world is her oyster. And, look, Ma, no baggage. So, she definitely shouldn’t be made to hold the short end of the stick in this relationship.

It’s best, therefore, for all everyone who wishes Piolo and KC well to stop being so thrilled for KC—and be hot-diggetty-dog happy for both of them. No 60-percent KC and 40-percent Piolo—50-50 all the way! —As all couples in love should start their “official” relationship together.

Public figures

After all, it isn’t easy to be in love, especially, if you’re both public figures. Life in a goldfish bowl, even if you have someone dear to share your little, glass universe with—can be so darn public. And who can be sweetly, breathlessly, intimately romantic when a thousand flashbulbs are committing mass suicide and a million eyeballs are ogling your smallest, merest moves?

So, let’s not complicate the situation further for the stellar couple of the year (who, Piolo has belatedly revealed, were officially “on” last October).

Instead, let’s wish them well, cut them some slack and stay out of their way—as much as possible in this star-addicted world.

No autographs? No photos? Oh, that’s going to be such a test of how much we really do “love” them!


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Re: Piolo-KC: It should be 50-50–all the way

Post by KeyChain1609 on Sat 05 Feb 2011, 3:55 pm

I totally agree with Mr. Torre. Hindi utang na loob ni KC na umamin si Piolo sa relasyon nila at lalong hindi si KC ang mas maswerte. Wink

Twisted Evil ooops not so fast din.. (quoting mr.torre..hahhaa) Twisted Evil

Una,Si Piolo ang lalaki, nasa kanya ang katungkulan para sabihin na "oo, kami na nga ni KC." Wala sa babae ang responsibilidad para aminin ang namamagitan sa kanila ng lalaki bilang babae nga siya, paano kung i-deny ka? Hindi maganda tingnan para sa babae yun. Kaya good for Piolo na hindi na rin iwan sa alanganin sitwasyon si KC. Cool

Pangalawa, si Piolo ang nanligaw, siya ang lalaki, siya ang lumapit sa babae para hingin ang pagtugon nito sa kung anumang damdamin meron siya KC. Binigay ni KC ang pagtugon na yun, kaya si Piolo ang maswerte.Cool

Pero hindi eto isyu kung sino ang mas maswerte o kung sino ang mas dakila. Gaya ng sabi ni Mr. Torre hindi dapat eto 60-KC at 40-Piolo or 40-KC at 60 Piolo. Eto ay relasyon ng dalawang tao, ng babae at lalaki kaya dapat magkatimbang lahat. Hayaan silang tuklasin at pagyabungin kung anumanmeron ang kanilang samahan ng sila lang. Wink

Kaya tuloy ang buhay at good vibes lang!lol!

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Re: Piolo-KC: It should be 50-50–all the way

Post by Rhedd on Sat 05 Feb 2011, 7:02 pm

well said..thanks for sharing..

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Re: Piolo-KC: It should be 50-50–all the way

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