Mark is happy for Piolo & KC

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Mark is happy for Piolo & KC Empty Mark is happy for Piolo & KC

Post by anne_cealydar on Thu 03 Feb 2011, 10:44 am

Mark is happy for Piolo & KC Ent1g

Mark Bautista and other
friends actually knew about Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion (left) long
before Piolo announced on The Buzz last Sunday that KC is ‘taken’

Mark is happy for Piolo & KC

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo The Philippine Star Updated February 03, 2011 12:00 AM


Thepublic got to know the real score about Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion
only last Sunday when Piolo confirmed on The Buzz that, yes, in his own
words, “KC is taken” since October last year.

To paraphrase the STAR blurb, the truth must have hopefully set
Piolo free. He explained the delayed revelation to his worry
(unfounded, it turned out) his love son Iñigo might resent it.

But to those close to Piolo, the announcement was anti-climactic.
Piolo’s barkada knew about him and KC all along, throughout their
almost two-year courtship which was highlighted by a, so to speak,
“boys’ night out” in Palawan where KC, reportedly upon Piolo’s
invitation, joined them overnight.

“I’m happy for Piolo and for KC,” said Mark Bautista, one of Piolo’s trusted friends.

Teased that he’s being left behind, Mark said that it’s okay, he’s
not in a hurry anyway, not after his abortive relationship, mostly kept
under wraps, with two singers.
“I’m single,” added Mark. “I will have a lonely Valentine’s.”

On Feb. 14, he will spend the day not quite alone but with a few
company — that is, at the Balladeers On Valentine’s Day concert at the
Manila Hotel (starting at 7:30 p.m.) produced by Daisy Romualdez, with
co-performers Pilita Corrales, Carmen Soriano and Carmen Pateña (with K
Brosas and introducing Paula Bianca).
For sure, in that concert, Mark will be singing Bakit and Okey Lang,
his two compositions included in his latest album Nagmamahal (released
by Viva Records) which is made up of all-Tagalog songs, mostly
originals and a few revivals.
The two songs eloquently express what Mark has gone through.

“Bakit is about a martyr guy. One line goes, Bakit kahit na
nasasakta’y lumalapit pa rin sa’yo’t nagmamahal. I’m like that. Martyr
ako kapag mahal ko ang isang tao. Kahit masakit na at hindi na maganda
ang ginagawa sa akin, patuloy akong nagmamahal.”

Mark was mum when asked who the girl was. Clue: She’s sweet and gentle (with whom he had an “MU” relationship).Okey Lang is about a girl whom a guy wants to know, only for him to
discover that she’s, to use Piolo’s words, “already taken.” But it’s
okey lang, “At least nakilala ko s’ya.”

Mark was mum when asked who the girl was. Clue: She’s “rare” and gentle, too.
But he’s open about his big crush — Iza Calzado whom he first met up
close on the set of the GMA noontime Sunday show Party Pilipinas.
Career-wise, Mark has nothing to complain about. He’s now a Kapuso,
appearing as the best friend of Dennis Trillo in the soap Dwarfina. He
has built a house for himself and his family and sends his siblings to

“Early this year,” said Mark, “I reviewed my life in the past seven years that I’ve been in showbiz,at happy naman ako.”He plans to take up Industrial Design. He was an Architecture junior at UP (Cagayan de Oro) when he quit.Once he achieves his goals, “before I get married” (he’s in his late
20s and he’ll celebrate his birthday in August), Mark said that, like
Piolo, he will make his own “taken” announcement.


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