Top 20 Celebrity Twitter Users in the Philippines

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Top 20 Celebrity Twitter Users in the Philippines Empty Top 20 Celebrity Twitter Users in the Philippines

Post by anne_cealydar on Fri 28 Jan 2011, 11:59 am

[b]Top 20 Celebrity Twitter Users in the Philippines

Top 20 Celebrity Twitter Users in the Philippines Ezmmnq

Check out which prominent personalities have the most followers on Twitter. Did your favorites make the cut? By Belle Yambao
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The Philippines has the second highest number of Twitter users in Asia and the sixth highest in the world, reports comScore, Inc. With the Twitterverse expanding each day, this social media platform has become instrumental in providing a venue for individuals and businesses to quickly interact with an audience. In the world of showbiz, celebrities use their Twitter accounts to interact and share real time updates on their lives with their fans.

Which celebrities are making the most out of their Twitter experience? Techie.com.ph put together a list of 88 most-followed Filipino stars on Twitter last year. Female Network checked these Twitter accounts to see if any striking changes happened in the ranking in the past few months.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the top 20 celebrity Twitter users in the Philippines as of this writing. Are your favorite stars on the list? Who do you follow on Twitter? And who else do you think has the potential to conquer the Twitterverse? Tell us in a comment!

Actress/TV host

Memorable Tweet: “I have been to Mindanao on several occasions in the past 3 yrs. It is beautiful. One of the purest, breath-taking places in our country. Some parts of beautiful Central Mindanao hav gone thru conflict. Parts of the populations wer displaced & had difficulties in accessing food. I see common factors affecting d incidence of hunger, in varying degrees-lack of purchasing power, knowledge & access to diverse food sources. That's why it's my sincere hope, as a Pinay, that by working 2gether,we can move from food assistance to finding lasting solutions to hunger.” -from KC's Twitter account


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